Awesome Takes Practice

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

     The first time I ever stepped foot in my mom's red and white Ford 150 pickup truck to learn to drive, I thought I was going to be awesome. Seriously! I thought that I would just turn it on and go. Hahaha ;) I still remember that day like it was yesterday. It was a Sunday afternoon, and she let me drive the family home from church. Excitement soon turned to tears when I was passed by a glaring elderly couple annoyed at my 20 mile per hour speed on the 45 mile per hour country road. My teenage ego was crushed! I was being passed by "old" people!

     Oh goodness! I share that story because of the underlying thought process that was going on. I truly thought that operating a motor vehicle was either a given ability or it wasn't. I was crushed when I wasn't as good at it as I thought I would be. And when I was passed by the elderly couple, a sense of permanence overwhelmed me. I thought I would never learn to drive. What I failed to realize was that driving takes practice!

     Fast forward almost thirty years... In May, I opened my Etsy shop. That same teenage girl driving that big F150 pickup truck somehow decided to take the wheel of my Etsy shop because I, once again, thought that I would open up shop and Boom! the sales would just take off! (I hope you are giggling to yourself just a little bit). If you have found yourself in this same boat, it is important to remember that like anything, Etsy takes practice.

     In the two months I have had my shop open, I have made so many changes. I learned so much from others around me. My shop today looks nothing like the shop I opened in May. I would say that for a select few, Etsy is an ability. Just like in life, there are some people who just have this natural ability to succeed in any situation with very little effort. It is important to remember that these individuals are the exception to the rule. For the rest of us, running an Etsy shop takes research and perseverance.

Remember that your current situation right now is not permanent. With a little practice and perseverance you will obtain success! Just give yourself a little time!


Written by: Jacklynn Graham of Raising Mavericks


  1. Great Read! I felt like I was right there with you in that truck. Let us also always remember that "success" is measured in different ways.

  2. Too funny! And real! Thanks Jacklynn, great read!

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  4. Great post Jacklynn! It made me giggle when I thought back to when I opened my first shop in 2009. I had no idea what I was doing and Etsy was so different then. I felt the same exact way. Like, uh helloooo? Where are all the thousands of people who are suppose to flock to my store and make me the next household name? hahahaha Thank God we are able to recover from those "crushed" moments and still dream big dreams!

  5. Thanks so much, these were great thoughts...certainly can identify with the Etsy shop and mine doesn't look anything like the one I started 3 and a half years ago, except for my first time driving. My sister and I were maybe 12 and 14 and we were alone in the house. She said we should try to park mom's car somewhere else in back of the house...a fairly spacious place. There was only one big bush in the middle and the car went out of control and I hit the bush...Oh la la!!! It took until I was 25 and had a child to learn to drive!



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