Mr. Clanky

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

     This week as I was telling my husband about my endless stories with the boys, he said, "You have the best job in the world." As a stay at home mom I don't always think this, but he is right; I do. When I worked in the corporate world, I felt like I lost sight of the important things in life. I lived and breathed deadlines. Now, I live and breathe my boys and their crazy antics. Seeing life through their perspective, I believe, has brought me even closer to my heavenly Father.

  There are days where I get myself all worked up in a tizzy about absolute nonsense--Take yesterday for an example. I had an old acquaintance who was supposed to stop by for a visit. Immediately, I began cleaning the house (as if she were to believe that my house always looks that way). After hours of cleaning and running myself ragged, I looked around and the boynados had managed to destroy the two rooms I had just cleaned. It seriously looked as if I hadn't touched a thing. I became so overwhelmed and angry! Just when I was about to lose my temper, I began to hear the soft and high pitched giggles of my little guys. I peeked in my baby's room to see what was so funny, and there they all were, all three of them--the baby in his crib and the boys on the opposite side-- jumping in tandem and giggling uncontrollably. Innocence. Pure joy.

     Later that day I shared the best conversation I have had in a long time with my three year old. It went like this: Luke (in a funny high pitched voice), "I'm Mr. Clanky." Me (racking my brain through all the shows we've seen) "Who's Mr. Clanky?" Luke: "Me!" :) Ah yes! The obvious answer ;) I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! God spoke to my heart at that very moment. Could it really be that simple I thought? "Yes," I could hear Him saying, "yes it can be."

      Sometimes I overcomplicate things far more than I need to--case in point, my house cleaning episode. My friend ended up cancelling. All that stressing and frantic cleaning for nothing. As I said before, sometimes I overcomplicate things. I would like to encourage you, if you have a tendency to do this as well, to remember that God reminds us that His ways are not our ways. If you have a moment, I encourage you to read Isaiah 55.

     As adults, we tend to think we need all the details. We want to know how we are going to get from point A to point B. We want to know what we will need to bring or what preparations we need to have in order. We are frantically cleaning house for people who were never coming. Or searching for the answer that was never intended to be there in the first place. Just like my conversation with my three year old, when God says in Isaiah 55, "Come, buy wine and milk without money and without cost," why do we say to ourselves, "Can it really be that simple?"

    Yes. Yes it can. "My ways are higher than your ways." Some things are just not meant to be figured out. Sometimes they just are. We forget that He has gone before us and knows what lies ahead. His thoughts are not our thoughts and there is purpose in that. There is joy in not having all the answers and overcomplicating life...Perhaps that is why we are called to have childlike faith...

Written by: Jacklynn Graham of Raising Mavericks


  1. Beautiful words and truth Jacklynn. I know I will need to read this more than once to really soak it all in because it resonates so deeply with me. Thanks for sharing your heart. And look at those 3 cuties!

  2. Only just reading this now! This is awesome, Jacki!! I can SO relate to that! All of that, and especially the sudden house cleaning panic only to have someone cancel and God whisper to me, "See, you could have just come to Me and prepared yourself in Me rather than preparing your house."



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